Tips on Building Your Dream House in Australia

How does spacious, charming, and picturesque sound for your dream house? Perfect and inspiring. How about high land prices and construction costs? Quite depressing, though that is the reality most Australian homeowners are facing. Regulations imposed limit the type of house you want to build. The good news though is there’s a suitable design for every budget. Starting a house project doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here are some tips to help you plan and find inspiration for your new home.


Make the Most Out of Your Lot

Every square meter of land on your lot matters and can be utilised to its potential with the right advice and design from experienced professionals. Unfortunately, councils, developers, and surveyors will have the last say on how much land area your house can occupy, the materials and colors allowed, and the type of windows you can or cannot use. This can limit the already limited interior spaces and can change the external appearance of your home, but a good design can make even the smallest spaces functional and the right material can add character to the exterior. Availing professional design services can actually become your saving grace.


Cheaper Can Be Beautiful

Restrictions aside, budget will also limit the house exterior look. Consider clean, well-balanced textures that give the same effect but on a lower cost. For example, earth-colored bricks used as accents on porch piers and partnered with a light coloured wall can exude a serene, elegant appeal. Roof eaves, which most developers encourage to use, add shades which can soften the striking appearance of brick walls.


Functionality Inside and Outside

More than the looks, what makes your dream house a home are the spaces where memories are created. Open spaces to the alfresco or verandah makes the house more accepting of the surrounding nature. High windows can be a bit of a luxury, but with right positioning can provide a sunnier ambience in a room. Sunlight flow is especially important to consider when your lot is small. Thankfully, regulations make allowances for this, ensuring comfortable living spaces.


Choosing the Right People to Work for You

Developers, councils, designers, builders, draftees—each has its role in ensuring you achieve a dream house that is both pleasant-looking and low-maintenance. Designers and builders promote their works online which makes it easier for clients to browse and select from brochures so take advantage of it. It’s also helpful to get ideas from houses you see along the way, the materials and colors, and ask your designer or builder to incorporate that idea in the design.

Most importantly, designing and complying with regulation requirements take time and experience. Even with the most efficient workers, there will be setbacks so patience is a valuable skill to maintain once you take the first step to building your dream home.

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