Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some information to help you answer your questions.
If in case you cannot find the answer to what you are looking for, please contact us.


How do I order a new project?

Enquire through chat or email. Submit the sketch plans and any additional documents for the quote. We will guide you through with what we need to start the project.

Can I order multiple projects?

Yes. Subject to number of projects received at once, we may need extra time to maintain our quality. We will let you know in advance if the usual turn-around of 10 working days needs to be extended.

Status of current project?

We have project management system in place where you can view the status of the project. You can also ask through chat or email at any time.

When do I receive the completed project file?

All completed projects will be returned within 10 working days. Some projects may be delayed depending on client’s correspondence time. In case of any delay, we will let you know.

Do you accept jobs for other states in Australia or other countries?

We do accept jobs from other states for 3D images, Concept Plans and Brochure Plans. For working drawings, we can only service projects within Victoria as our focus is producing high quality plans which complies with all relevant regulations.

Is it possible to have plans with Registered Building Practitioners (Architectural Draftsperson) registration number

Yes, it is possible at an additional cost. Please enquire for more details.

Who holds the copyright for the house design?

Clients will hold the copyright and ownership of the house design. We understand the risk of infringement, and we will never use the same design unless we have your approval.

Can you copy the design of another house?

Due to the Copyright issue, we can not copy the design unless you have written approval from the builder / designer. We always encourage to modify or come up with new layout to suit your lifestyle.


What documents do I need to provide to proceed with the job order?

This is subject to the service we offer. We will send you through the list of required documents with the quote. In general, rough sketch of the floor plan with room sizes can kick start the working drawing process. Plan of subdivision will help us in Rescode assessment.

How do I send the documents?

You can send documents via email or any cloud base storage if the file is too big to send via email.

What happens if I don’t have the required documents?

We can start preliminary working drawing process with minimum documents. There are some documents we have to incorporate into the drawings to obtain building permit. Please let us know which documents you can’t obtain, we may be able to assist you.


What do I need to submit for amendments?

Please provide mark up plan along with answered clarification notes. You can also send through a list of additional changes or variations.

Can I talk directly to provide clear instructions?

Yes, you can speak to us directly, but we also need you to put everything in writing for our own record.

Can you do amendments only if I have complete set of drawings?

First preference is to go back to the original draftsperson for the amendments. If that is not possible, please let us know the details of the project to work out how we can help.

Are there any additional drafting fees for major changes?

Yes, for major changes which involves a lot of “structural” changes. If you can supply the mark up plans, we can quote you accordingly.

How many times can I go through amendment process?

1 round of non-major amendment per stage is included. We will always include amendment details in quote. Please refer to the quote for more details.


What CAD software do you use?

We are planning to explore other software such as ArchiCAD, Revit, etc. But we only use AutoCAD for working drawings at this point in time.

Do you accept files made from other drafting software?

We can work on the project as long as you can provide us with .dwg file. Alternatively, we can re-draw on AutoCAD at low cost.

In what format will we receive the completed / amended projects?

You will receive PDF and / or .dwg file for all completed projects.

Can we provide the drawing template to be used?

Yes. Please provide us with your standard house designs in .dwg format. We might need to do bit of brush up process on your master plans to ensure all plans are well-coordinated and lines are perfectly aligned, buildable etc.

Costing and Payment

How much is the new project or 3D image?

All services are based on different pricing structures. Please enquire us so we can quote your project.

When will I pay?

Plans will be issued once we confirm your payment. This is subject to the service we are providing. Please refer to your quote for more details.

How do I pay? In what currency?

You can pay through PayPal or bank transfer in Australian Dollar.

How much for major amendments?

This is subject to complication of the project. Please provide us with the mark up plan so we can cost accordingly.

Can you issue invoices and / or receipts?

Yes, we issue invoices and receipts for all services.


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