Choosing the Right CAD Software for Your Drafting Business

Whether it’s 2D or 3D modelling, there’s no doubt that choosing the right kind and brand of CAD software plays a major role in the success of a drafting business. As substitutes for drafting boards and scale models, it has been around close to when the computer was created, though it took a while for it to be fully available for public use due to its material and maintenance cost. But today, a computer, drafting software, and necessary skills are all we need to do the job. So how do we choose which software to use?

Practical Usage

Some of the leading CAD software manufacturers right now like Autodesk, PTC, Dassault Systems, and Siemens PLM all delivered when it came to the most important aspect of computer-aided drawing—graphical user interface or GUI. As a result, market favors software that is user-friendly and produces high quality results for more efficient designing process which is an essential part of producing accurate real-life models.


With every software update comes the question of effective file sharing and recovery. Most .dwg files can be opened on different CAD software. It can also be converted to other file types, like .pdf., .jpg, etc. However, the most common concern is the difference in versions. On newer versions, old files might not be openable or might have issues within the file that require additional time for editing. To avoid this, some software integrated options for saving as different versions.


Fees may refer to more than the annual maintenance cost of a software. Each new version can contain more complex commands for achieving high quality results and eliminating previous software’s errors, hence the hefty price tag. There’s also the issue of additional training or instructions for employees and maintenance people in order to be updated with the latest system.

Community Support

Every software has potential for growth and knowing which parts to develop can only be possible with detailed feedback from its users. Online forums are a good place to collect information on user concerns. From basic troubleshooting, installation, comparison of versions, to techniques and video tutorials—all of these can now be found online. The amount of information could depend on the software’s rating and availability of training materials. Short courses are good for users who only need to produce an output, but setting up or customizing the software’s function might require more research and support from related online communities.

There’s no question on the importance of CAD software today and in the future of drafting and design. Technology is continuously looking for ways to bring more efficiency to work and it’s just a matter of knowing which tools would benefit your company the most.

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