5 Facade Treatments for Australian Homes

Future homeowners are faced with a variety of factors to consider when choosing their homes. Some prioritise room functions and family spaces; others are keen on cost or on the customised needs of its occupants. However, every homeowner is known to take special care when choosing a house’s façade.

Striking facade

Facades are the faces of homes. Often reflecting the owner’s personal tastes, it is one of the factors, if not the number one factor, that creates sealed deals for real estate agents. It is no wonder that designers give their best in creating pleasing facade styles. And to help achieve this, there has to be at least basic knowledge regarding popular materials used for façade treatments.


The undefeated, unchallenged leader of façade styles in Australia, bricks are continuously evolving to serve the demand of modern design. Known as a flexible and practical cladding option, brick manufacturers make it a point to offer a wide range of brick products.

Standard brick construction

When it comes to brick sizes, there are options for standard, two-course, and slimline bricks. Two-course bricks are double the size of standard bricks. Not only are they easier to lay which makes them a cheaper option, they also satisfy the modern brick look. Slimline bricks, on the other hand, are leaner making them a favorite for accents.

Brick wall

Aside from sizes, brick texture is also a deciding factor when choosing bricks. Clients can now choose from a variety of glazing and textures available.

Brick Render

Manufacturers continue to develop their extensive lines of brick renders. Combining textures and colors to cater to any design’s specific requirements, brick renders remain a popular and practical upgrade to brick houses.

Timber Cladding

Australia’s first and foremost construction resource for residential housing comes from the timber industry. That’s why timber cladding is a preferred material in highlighting a house’s facade. While more expensive than other materials, a few well-located pieces can be impressive enough. There’s nothing like classic wood material to give character to a home.



Weatherboards are considered to be a cost-efficient building material. It achieves that homey, classic effect when used for cladding. They are even made cheaper with the use of different materials like uPVC, fibre cement, and even aluminium.

House with weatherboard

Stacked Stone

Together with wood, stones also evolved from a construction essential to a more decorative material. Manufacturers offer stone cladding products that replicate the effect of literal stacked stones. Limestone, slate, ashlar, and artificial stones are some of the available products for stone cladding.

Stone cladding
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